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For those of you who may be new here, we do most of our projects in our home state of Arizona! BUT, 2021 has taken us to places we’ve never been before! Three of our newest projects are located in three different states in the southern region of the US, so it was only fitting that when we traveled to all three in four days, that we call it the SOUTHERN TOUR!


Our first stop on the #LCOSouthernTour, and let’s just say that this quaint ‘lil town is the cutest we’ve ever seen! The project we’re working on is not your average vacation home, consisting of over 10,000 square feet! This home was purchased about two years ago, half-finished in construction, but our client was looking to change the Tuscan feel of it and bring it up to a more modern speed and look!

Our projects often come with a clever hashtag and this one is no exception.. The #HotAndDirtyHouse! It's lovingly named after our new favorite drink! Think of a bloody mary, but for the evening hours.. Or a dirty martini with hot sauce, shaken as hard as the bartender can!

Here's a foolproof recipe for those that like it HOT:

- 2 1/2 ounces gin or vodka
- 1/2 ounce olive brine 
- Add in your favorite hot sauce
- Garnish with 2-4 green olives
- And voilá!

What welcomes you at our #HotAndDirtyHouse is a pretttttty big entryway, a pool bath, and a scuttle (which is very new to us, but when you have a full basement and need a way out, people use scuttles!) A scullery has also been added, which will serve as a prep kitchen and baking station! It’s a very helpful space so that when our client has catering or is trying to prepare for an event, they will be able to enter through there instead of the front door!

For those that don’t want to use the stairs, there is an ELEVATOR, which will lead you up into the sleeping quarters! For some of those very lucky homeowners, there may be a morning bar somewhere in their home... But this one has a morning ROOM which will save our client from making a few trips down to the kitchen! The best part about the sleeping quarters is the sleeping loft, just for the kiddos! If we were kids again, we would die to have a space like that!

Now the basement.. Which will be an absolute DREAM! It has a dried up well (that will stay existing as it is because it’s wayyyy too unique to take out), a bedroom, full bathroom, and a game room which will consist of a movie theater, a foosball or pool table, and a full bar! A space that we would NEVER want to leave! We can’t wait to keep working on the finishes of this project and then move onto full interior furnishings!


Our second stop on the Southern Tour was Atlanta, GA, which is our first project in the peachy state! This 3-story new build will have allll the southern charm vibes! We never thought our west coast-based team would have a project here, so we’re very excited to be in a different place with amazing architecture! While we were in town, we did a field measure for furniture and wrapped up a few of the small hardscape changes!

Off of the main entryway of our #GeorgiaPeachesProj is the dining room on one side and a lounge area on the other side!
Our client’s aesthetic is on the most minimal Organic Desert Living™ side so we’re able to do really clean, crisp lines which we are loving!

The first thing you see when entering the great room is the HUGE steel doors! (If you know us, you know that we’re suckers for steel doors!)
The fireplace will be surrounded in natural limestone and has a stunning arched bookshelf moment on one side!

Behind the great room is an open kitchen, and next to that is a breakfast nook! A built-in bench with extended bolsters of about five and a half feet will be the star of the show when the nook is all finished! We are so thrilled about this space and the organic vibes that it gives off!

In this unique floor plan, all of the bedrooms are upstairs! The natural lighting in the primary bedroom and bathroom is impeccable and adds even more beauty to the home! Not to mention, the double closets in this space are the perfect addition!

Lastly, the basement! This space has a bar, a media room, a tv-watching area, and a gym. It's safe to say our client will be spending a lot of time down there, and we can’t wait to turn all of their basement dreams into a reality!


The last stop of our trip was Hot Springs, Arkansas! This family home is located RIGHT on Lake Hamilton and is getting a major glow up! You walk in the door, and you’re hit with the most beautiful views! The floor to ceiling windows in each space showcase the lake in its entirety, and if we had the choice, we would move in tomorrow!

We love a BIG living room, and this home has just that! We picture a stunning fireplace, a performance fabric sofa (just in case the kiddos are wet + dirty from the lake), and a dining space as well! Our client plans to have a lot of visitors in their home, so having a dining room that seats at LEAST 12 people was a must!

Just like every other project we do, there’s always that one space that we can’t wait to start working on! In this case for our #HotSpringsProj, it’s not the primary suite or the living room or the kitchen.. It’s the LAKESIDE BUNGALOW! It’s not like a regular basement where you walk down a flight of stairs. You walk out the back door, down a few steps, walk around the house and there it is!

It's a space that's suited for both kids and adults, but we know the kids will fall in LOVE! Down there, we plan on adding a TV and a couple couches, a game table, a full bathroom, a kitchenette, and even some bunk beds if the kids don’t want to sleep in their own rooms!

Last, but most certainly not least, is of course the outdoor living area! As if we couldn’t tell you enough, the views are out of this world, so we would be doing some major injustices to the home if we didn't take advantage of every inch. We plan to add a fire pit and BBQ area so our clients can enjoy the great outdoors whether it's a cool winter day or warm summer night!

Our team is heading back to Texas, Georgia and Arkansas in the next few months, but that time can’t come soon enough! The inspiration we got from these three states was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced and we cannot wait to go back and put all of that inspiration into something incredible for our clients. Stay tuned for future updates about these projects! 

xo, thelifestyledco